Our Mission

The Office of the Fort Bend County Judge and our team is dedicated to maintaining communication and building trust with our community. Following recent events, including but not limited to the death of George Floyd, we believe it is our duty to actively confront racism in all of its forms and support those on the right side of history. As one of the most diverse counties in the country, we represent a beautiful tapestry of people that work, live, and play together, and, as such, we have a responsibility to create and maintain an equitable environment for all. In this light, Fort Bend County in partnership with the University of Houston in Sugar Land will be hosting a series of initiatives in support of our diversity and especially our African American community. Our goals will help to foster a stronger, more supportive, and collaborative fellowship ready to join hands as we tackle the challenges of tomorrow. The initiatives include a mural at the University of Houston in Sugar Land showcasing the strength of Fort Bend’s diversity, an infographic highlighting our black-owned businesses, a webinar in partnership with local leaders discussing how to uplift businesses during this time, and much more.