Black Owned Brands Currently Sold in H-E-B Stores

(pending supply chain and market issues)

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Cleverly (formerly Kitchun)

Founders: Keesha Waits and Gloriana Koll, Austin, TX

  • Kitchun’s approach to Fearless Fooding™ uncomplicates cooking using healthy ingredients you recognize. Their cookie mixes & pie crusts are easy-to-bake and perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth. All Kitchun granola snacks are dairy, soy, gluten and grain free.


Founder: Fran Harris, Austin, TX

  • I launched Electra out of pure frustration with current products in the sports drink space. Too much sugar. Too many calories. Not enough function.
  • Former WNBA Player and UT Alum
  • Electra is 16 oz of absolute delish! With three tasty flavors and more on the way, you’ve never had hydration like this. Every bottle is packed with vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, antioxidants and amino acids to help you electrify your hustle!

Firstline Brands

Founder: Joni Odum, Stafford, TX

  • Firstline has elevated understanding, nurturing, and championing multicultural hair to dizzying heights for 30+ years. A black-owned business founded in the 1980s, Firstline applies their hard-earned knowhow and nonstop creativity to meet the haircare needs of multicultural groups with undeniable style

Frenchy’s Sausage Co. (Market + Seafood)

Founder: Percy Creuzot, Jr. (a.k.a. “Frenchy”), Houston, TX

  • Percy Creuzot, Jr. founded Frenchy’s Sausage Co. with a unique product known as Chaurice, a delicious Creole hot sausage.
  • As the demand for Chaurice grew beyond his restaurant’s needs in 1977, Frenchy and his family grew it into a full food service distributor that currently services over 200 business.
  • Frenchy began producing Chaurice for his restaurant. As the demand for Chaurice grew beyond the restaurant’s needs, in 1977, Frenchy encouraged his son, Percy “King” Creuzot III to join him.
  • In keeping with family tradition, Percy III, who is now running the family business, has recruited his son, Percy “P.C.” Creuzot IV, to also join him.


Founder: Yoni Medhin and Matt Metchly, San Antonio, TX

  • Using spent grain flour from microbreweries which lowers the net carbs, Grain4Grain makes flour and pancake & waffle mix with 18+ grams of protein – and 20% or more of the flour they produce goes to local food banks.

Herb from the Curb

Founder: Herb Watts, San Antonio, TX

  • Herb Watts is known by Southwest flyers as ‘Herb from the curb.’ He’s the chatty skycap at the San Antonio airport for nearly two decades. He loves his job because he loves people. But he also loves extraordinary barbecue, and he hopes his name brand will soon take flight.
  • Herb from the Curb makes a BBQ sauce of the same name, endorsed by Southwest Founder Herbert D. Kelleher himself


Founder: Kim & L.J. Williams, Houston, TX

  • Kim and L.J. Williams put their love and faith into Jinka Turmeric Paste. They both used it to lose more than 100 pounds combined, fight diabetes, and inspire friends and family to join in. Now, they’ve begun small-batch production so all our customers can enjoy it in soups, sautés, and sandwiches

Just Poppin

Founder: Dayna Hall & Jerome Hall, Houston, TX

  • Not all popcorn is created equal. Just Poppin Gourmet Popcorn offers an opportunity to taste the finer popcorns in life.

Lip Smackers BBQ Sauce

Founder: Wilford Leonard, Cedar Hill, TX

  • Wilford set out to replicate all that fully embodies the essence of East Texas Bar-B-Q and he has done it with Lips Smacker’s Bar-B-Q Sauces, Seasoned Salts and Marinades.

Me & the Bees Lemonade

Founder: Mikaila Ulmer, Austin, TX

  • Stung by two bees at the age of four, Mikaila Ulmer turned a bad situation into a delicious situation. Inspired by a cookbook by her great grandmother, she created this flaxseed lemonade, flavored with honey from local beekeepers, to do her part to help the bee population and delight the masses.

Savannah Rose Sweet Tea Punch

Founder: Brenda Powell, Houston, TX

  • A veteran in the catering business, former postal worker and entrepreneur Brenda Powell transformed sweet tea into a delicious punch that keeps guests asking for more.

The Jank

Founder: Lamar Jones, Weslaco, TX

  • Down in Weslaco, Texas, Lamar Jones put his heart and soul into The Jank Gourmet BBQ Sauce. It took years to get the right combination of flavors to tantalize the creator’s tongue. Now, his original and spicy varieties are ready to enhance your meats, fruits, and even desserts.

Vouke (formerly Evoke)

Founder: Derrick Newball, Woodway, TX

  • Vouke is delicious infused collagen drinks for everyone. Our purpose is to deliver healthy drinks that can provide benefits to the body. We use natural ingredients, Contains 5 Electrolytes, Zero Sugar, Low Calories, mixed with a refreshing fruity flavors.